Service Specials

Service Specials

Book your April Swimming Pool Openings now and SAVE $$$$

FULL Opening 4/1-4/15 – $40 off
PARTIAL Opening 4/1-4/15 $20 off

FULL opening 4/16-4/30 – $20 off
PARTIAL Opening 4/16-4/30 $10 Off

If you pre-pay for your opening in February you get 5% off

If you pay for your opening and closing in February you get 4% off the opening and closing


It’s The Fit That Makes The Difference.

Your swimming pool requires a custom fit cover that serves as protection for both your family and your pool. For the utmost in safety and protection you need a cover that is designed exactly for the size and shape of your pool.
Colley’s Pools & Spas offers the solution! We use the latest in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technology to design a custom fit cover that will fit your pool and only your pool. This technology ensures a precise fit by taking the steps, special features, angles, and the exact shape of your pool into consideration.

Colley’s Pools & Spas’s team of safety cover professionals have measured and installed thousands of safety covers. We have extensive knowledge and experience in pairing up each pool owner with the right cover based on their needs and budget.
Invest in safety and protection for your family and your pool with a custom fit cover that utilizes expert craftsmanship and innovative technology found only at Colley’s Pools & Spas.

Loop Loc Special

• 10% off new Loop Loc covers if ordered by August 31st, 2017
• Loop Loc storage available all summer…. $100.00 (Hamburg location)

Loop Loc
Loop Loc


Pool Cleaning Services

Don’t have time to take care of your pool?  Colley’s offers weekly cleanings to fit your needs.
• All new customers who sign up for a weekly cleaning service get 1 free cleaning & 1 free mobile water analysis (minimum of 10 cleanings)
• Full cleaning contracts available.


Mobile Water TestingWater Test Truck

• Mobile water testing…. $25.00 per test.

Contact the Colley’s location nearest you to discuss the many options.

Refer a neighbor for service on a Loop Loc, Heater, Filter, etc; and receive a free cleaning for all new customer referrals.