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Relax and Enjoy Your Pool with Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners!


Building on decades of expertise in automatic pool cleaners, every Dolphin combines advanced technologies with proven reliability so you can enjoy a constantly clean pool with little effort. Dolphin Robots have consistently been at the forefront of innovation. As pool owners’ needs change, new technologies and models that address new segments are added to the Dolphin line.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners clean any type or shape of pool — efficiently and thoroughly. No other automatic residential pool cleaner comes close to Dolphin Robots’ ease of use, performance and reliability – delivering years of cost effective pool cleaning.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners by Maytronics deliver automated, high-performance pool cleaning – efficiently and effectively.

 Explore key features of the brand new S-Series Line of robotic cleaners from Dolphin:

  • MyDolphin™ smartphone app control
  • Lightweight design – easy to lift and handle
  • PowerStream Mobility System for enhanced navigation
  • Active Brushing for effective scrubbing and cleaning
  • Multi-Layer Filter for highly efficient clog-free filtration
  • Fast fix, easy repair
Dolphin S100 Cleaner

Dolphin s100

Dolphin S200 Cleaner

Dolphin s200

Dolphin S300 Cleaner

Dolphin s300

Dolphin s300i Cleaner

Dolphin s300i

Want more information? Download the Dolphin S-Series Brochure for all the details.


Limited Stock – Save Up to $300!


To make room for the new S-Series Line, we are offering Colley’s customers discounts on the DX Line of Dolphin Cleaners. Save up to $300 on these models of Dolphin Robotic Cleaners! But hurry– we only have a few left.

For more information, please stop by one of our showrooms or call your nearest location.



Dolphin DX3 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin DX3

Dolphin DX4 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin DX4

Dolphin DX6 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin DX6