Water Features

Water Falls

Waterfalls can enhance any pool. There is something very special about falling water. The sound of water soothes us. From shimmering sheets to tumbling cascades, a waterfall will bring your pool to life. Now you can add this fluid beauty to any new pool or spa or when it’s time to renovate or update your backyard paradise.

Pool and water feature by Colleys Pools

Grotto waterfalls with built-in slide


Jump Rocks

Poolside Waterfalls and Fountains


Deck Jets

Jandy Laminar Jets with LED are an exciting new addition to the Jandy Water Features line. The Jandy Laminar Jets with LED produce a clear arc of water as they gently enter any pool or spa. The water flow can be adjusted to arc up to 7′ high and project out 8′ into the pool. Add the enchantment of fiber optic lighting to your Jandy Laminar Jets to create spectacular nighttime entertainment. Decorative Deck Box Lids are available in three colors to camouflage the units into the backyard landscape. Pebble is the standard lid color, while pewter and black are optional.