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Endless Pools offer the world’s most advanced swim current in a compact, custom designed pool or spa. Install indoors or outside for home swimming, water exercise, aquatic therapy or fun. Colley’s is happy to assist with your Endless Pool project and help you design the perfect current pool for your home. Custom features include Performance or Elite swim currents, hydrotherapy jets, LED Lights and an integrated underwater treadmill.

Aquatic exercise provides a challenging, low-impact, fun workout. Gentle, soothing–with no stress on joints or bones–swimming has historically been a favored method for staying in shape. Whether you are building a new pool or have an existing pool, let Colley’s help you create your own aquatic workout center with the Endless Pool that best meets your needs.

The Fastlane swim current can be added to almost any traditional pool, from gunite to vinyl liner to above ground pools. For more information, please call the Colley’s location nearest to you!

SwimJet System

SwimJet Systems can be installed in any type pool, large or small, from gunite to vinyl liner to above ground pools.  For more information, please call  a location nearest to you.