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Colley’s Pools & Spas is an exclusive Marquis Hot Tub dealer!

For over fourteen years, Colley’s has found that Marquis Hot Tubs are the most reliable, dependable, and versatile spa on the market today.

Marquis are more flexible to fit every budget. Marquis Hot Tubs provide the ultimate hydrotherapeutic experience through a combination of interactive therapy stations, 57 jets and advanced controls.

To further enhance your hot tub experience our Constellation™ lighting will magically bathe you in a colorful aura. Our water features will soothe and delight you with their sounds and sights as they spill into the tub. How about some aromatherapy? The Epic spa features Aroma Infusions to automatically enliven your mood with a scent of your choosing. Plus, bring Adagio™ audio system to the party and let the fun begin!