Can a swimming pool save a marriage?

Swimming pools…and romance.

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Can it save a marriage?

Swimming pools and romance have been linked together for as long as lovers have held hands. Most everyone has a memory involving a love interest (or a hopeful love interest) under a moonlit night in the enticing vicinity of a swimming pool. And if they haven’t, they’ve surely dreamed about it. The possibilities for romance fill the anxious air, as a promising moment hovers over the scene, awaiting only the zing of Cupid’s arrow to inflame it. So, yes, the pool as romantic stimulant has doubtless stirred the waters of hot passions over time. But we wondered, does the amorous allure of the pool actually ever serve as the elixir that saves a couple’s marriage teetering on the brink of survival?

Well, yes and no. Consider the following two tales:

Can a swimming pool save a marriage?

In 1937, Pauline Hemingway, the wife of legendary novelist Ernest Hemingway, in a last-ditch bid to keep their marriage from falling apart, had a swimming pool constructed for him as a gift—the first pool built in the Florida Keys—while Hemingway was off in Spain covering the Spanish Civil War. The lido came at a cost of $20,000—two and a half times worth the couple’s Whitehead Street house in Key West. Hemingway’s reaction wasn’t what she’d hoped for. When the author returned, he reportedly took a penny from his pocket, tossed it on the ground, and told her, “You might as well take my last cent.” Pauline recovered the penny, having it preserved in cement and glass. Many years later, the artifact became a popular tourist attraction after the house was converted into a museum. Unbeknownst to Hemingway at the time, Pauline hadn’t spent one cent of his money in constructing the pool. An heiress, she was independently wealthy in her own right. Rumors still endure that the author married her for her riches. Alas, the pool failed ultimately to keep their marriage from falling into the deep end.

Another author, R. Harper Mason, met his future bride, Vertis—an acquaintance of former President Bill Clinton—at a public swimming pool in Smackover, Arkansas, when she was 16. Apparently, the enchanted pull of the pool worked its intoxicating magic on the pair, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 2010.

And it likely wasn’t just coincidental that Mason wound up writing a book on the recipe for a quality marriage!

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You’ve been thinking about getting an inground swimming pool and don’t know which type to get. So what are the types and which one would be best for you? Well the answer really depends on what you want in a pool and what is most important to you. We build three types of pools:

Inground pools
1) Vinyl Liner Swimming PoolThe vinyl liner inground pools are the most popular.  The pool is constructed from either with galvanized or composite panels.
2) Fiberglass Swimming Pool   They are built in a controlled environment inside a factory and then shipped over the road to the buyer’s house. A fiberglass pool is one piece and comes standard with built in benches and love seats.
3) Gunite Swimming PoolThe final type of pool is the the gunite pool. The gunite pool is a custom freeform pool, the sky is the limit with what size and shape you may desire. After the pool is constructed the custom interior finish is applied.
OK, So What Pool Should I Get?Each type of pool has its own pros and cons.  The choice of what type of pool to get is contingent on what the prospective buyer finds is the most important.  At the end of the day, what you want the finished product to look like, and what you want to spend in terms of project total will dictate what type of pool you choose to get.  All in all, an inground pool no matter what type will provide a platform of family fun for a lifetime!

Designing A Pool

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Considerations When Designing A Pool

Auto CAD drawing

You may be eager to purchase a new inground swimming pool but before jumping in, you should give serious thought to its design. There are key factors that will do more than just contribute to the pool’s look.  When the design is properly planned and laid out it will maximize your investment and overall enjoyment of the pool.

Design and shape should be considered in the very early stages of the purchase process. One of the important things to consider when designing an inground pool is the shape. And most importantly, who will be using the pool and what will it be used for. Examples to think about, are there young children, or are the home owners empty nesters, or a family that likes to entertain.The answer to this question will help to determine the pool’s design and shape. Should it be freeform (one without a conventional shape), geometric or a hybrid of the two? These factors will also affect the pool’s size. It is very important to determine the pool’s primary users and its primary uses. Will it be mostly for sport, lounging, hanging out, playing poolside basketball or a combination of all of the mentioned uses? Will users want it for exercise, therapeutics, casual diving and lap swimming? Uses should play a large role in deciding the pool’s size and shape.

Auto CAD drawing

The pictures below are examples of our state-of-the-art computer animated drawing (CAD) program. Let our design department take you on a 3-D virtual tour of your dream-come-true swimming pool and spa desires.

Please call 716.649.7640 to set up an appointment with one of our Design Consultants.

The Yard Is a Big Factor

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Yard dynamics are another highly important factor in the pool’s shape and design. Certain shapes work well in certain yards and may not in others. Rectangular pools sometimes do not work well in small, tight or oddly-shaped yards. On the other hand, freeforming pools with no true geometric lines may work very well. Take a hard look at what your yard will dictate and that may give you somewhat of an idea of the size, shape, look and feel the pool should have. Other yard factors that may influence the design could be the actual space where the pool will be built and its proximity to the home. Also does the nature of the yard pose any build challenges for a specific pool design? All of which are important factors and play a role in deciding upon the pool’s design.

Size Matters … Right?
People sometimes are drawn to the freeform shaped pool just because they find it very visually appealing. Freeform pools many times start as a rectangular box pool. However, as you start to dabble in radiuses and alter the shape, the square footage is reduced as is the swimming area. Sometimes with the freeforms, you have to compensate by making the overall size larger.   Read more »