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The Medina Pool

Medina Pool


The Medina is named after Medina Falls located in Orleans County, NY. At an almost 40 foot vertical drop, the waterfall is truely impressive with its powerful water cascade. Our Blue Cascade Above-ground Pool, The Medina, is comparative in its powerful and quality construction, yet reflecting a timeless design that will add classic beauty to any backyard.

Manufactured with attention to product quality. The Medina has 6″ column uprights that support a large, 7″ top ledge and durable two-piece resin caps. The wall and frame are coated with three-process paint system. The wall and frame are coated with a three-process paint system, and a clear liquid vinyl top coat for superior weather-ability. With the pool being manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel for unparalleled strength and durability in North America and features a Vinyl Works deluxe pool liner, manufactured in the United States.